Sunday, November 8, 2009

1000's of people waiting in fairgrounds for swine flu vaccine

Would you stand in a field with 1000's of potentially sick people to get a vaccine?

in reference to:

"Starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning, thousands of eager people spilled out of the Santa Clara County fairgrounds in a determined effort to receive one of 5,400 doses of the coveted swine flu vaccine. The mass of humanity formed beneath the bright blue arch at the fairgrounds on Tully Road in San Jose and stretched down the sidewalk for half a mile, past Valley Health Center and the McDonald's, around the corner at the Valero gas station and kept extending down Senter Road."There's no way there's enough," said George Reis, who was helping direct traffic. "They keep coming."The free vaccinations at the fairgrounds, and at six smaller health center clinics around Santa Clara County, were the first to be administered at public health clinics in the county. More clinics will follow, including a second one at the fairgrounds next Sunday, as the county receives more vaccine from the state."
- Thousands wait at fairgrounds to get swine flu vaccine - San Jose Mercury News (view on Google Sidewiki)

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